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Opening and closing of shellfish beds...

Fisheries and Oceans
Pêches et Océans

Picture of a shellfish harvesting banFisheries and Oceans Canada opens and closes shellfish beds at the behest of either Environment Canada or the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and notifies all interested parties.

Fisheries officers post harvesting bans, patrol closed beds to ensure that no unsafe shellfish are taken, and if necessary, violators are ticketed.

A matter of health!

It is the duty of those harvesting shellfish to inform themselves about the conditions prevailing in the areas where they are gathering and to abide by the bans clearly posted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada around closed beds.

Since there are poachers willing to blatantly disregard official notices and collect and pass on contaminated shellfish, the authorities are counting on a vigilant public for help.

Any act of poaching spotted can be reported by calling :
1 800 463-9057.

Who knows? After a poacher has sold contaminated shellfish to a fishmonger, they may end up in your plate. Think about it!

For information or question :

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Created : 2003-07-10
Updated : 2011-12-22
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